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Many people downplay the importance of planning what should happen to their estate in the event of their death. Thus, they don’t find it necessary to draft a will. The danger is that, in such a case, the estate of the deceased could be held up in judicial proceedings for years. If you’ve lost a loved one and you are entangled in such a case, you will need the expertise of a lawyer to navigate the probate area of the law swiftly. Nathan Law Firm is your trusted ally for all your probate concerns.

Some form of probate has to be filed with the Probate Court to lawfully distribute the decedent’s estate. The determination of how the decedent’s debts should be paid and how his assets should be split among the heirs is done by the probate court. Our job at Nathan Law Firm is to help you handle your case with efficiency and allow a swift transfer of legal title without hassle on your part.

Probate is also common where there are will contests. Will contests imply that some members of the decedent’s estate are raising objections to the validity of a will. Such a matter also has to be settled in a probate court. If you find yourself in such a challenge, you will need the help of Nathan Law Firm to navigate the judicial process efficiently. Our attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that your interests are properly reflected in the final judicial decision.

Nathan Law Firm has experienced probate attorneys and serve clients throughout the local community and the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth metro.

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