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Many large corporations have in-house legal counsel to support them in the various legal challenges they encounter. However, small businesses face financial constraints that hinder them from hiring lawyers as part of their permanent staff. Thus, small businesses have to turn to law firms every time they are confronted with legal issues. At Nathan Law Firm we provide legal services to small businesses. Our aim is to help small business owners solve legal challenges they encounter in different areas of their business operations.

Our relationship with small businesses starts even before they are formed. At this early stage, we assist business owners in the process of business formation. We understand that entrepreneurs are exposed to many risks at this stage. We, therefore, seek to help them reduce their risks by helping them choose the right business entity depending on what they want to do. We also help them with the paperwork and legal advice to ensure that their new businesses meet all the legal requirements. Choice of the wrong entity type and breach of the law during the registration process can lead the business to problems that can erode its capital or even cause it to fail.

We also help businesses when it comes to the review of contracts. As a business matures, it starts getting into contracts with other businesses and individuals such as employees, clients, and partners. Contracts are legal documents, and they may contain far-reaching legal repercussions once signed. Our lawyers will help you review such contracts and advise you accordingly.

Once a company is formed, it becomes a legal entity. That means that your company is an entity that is separate from you. Thus, when you decide to close it or sell it, there are rules relating to taxes and sale of assets that must be followed. In such a case, our lawyers will review the nature of your business and assist you with solving the legal challenges surrounding the business.

Nathan Law Firm has experienced small business attorneys serving residents throughout Hurst, Bedford, Arlington, Denton, Dallas, Southlake TX, and surrounding areas.

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